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You’re looking for an Turbocharger to your car?

Well, then you are at the right place.

Due to the high amount of turbochargers, whether used or reconditioned, we can offer (almost) all types for common car brands, but also exotic models from year 1990.

Usually we always recommend to buy an reconditioned turbocharger instead of an used one, because of the low price difference. Another reason is the 24 month guarantee period without mileage limit and also you don’t have to give your broken turbocharger in exchange!

Reconditioned turbocharger starts from 345,- (include delivery costs)

Used turbochargers we offer only if it they was in use for max. 75.000km. Prices and guarantee period are set invidiually, depending on the type and condition.

Shipping Costs & Order Time

priority-shippingSmall Parts under 20kg are sent by priority shipping, which takes 4-7 business days after the payment has been received.

The costs are depending on the weight. Here are some price examples:

  • 1 Kg
  • 15 €
  • 5 Kg
  • 25 €
  • 10 Kg
  • 30 €
  • 15 Kg
  • 40 €
  • 20 Kg
  • 50 €

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  • Bill

    When you accept our offer, we will send you the bill with all payment information.

  • Completing the Order

    After the payment is done, we will pack the part you ordered and send it to the adres you wish.

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